The main objective of central library is to support and enrich the instructional, research and public service missions of the College through the stewardship of scholarly information and the delivery of information services. The institute has computerized library with internet and multimedia facilities. It has a very good collection of text books, reference books, hand books, national and international journals & periodicals.

Salient Features and Services :

  • 1. Internet is available
  • 2. Reading hall for students and professors
  • 3. Book-Bank facility is available for poor and needy students
  • 4. Latest magazines and newspapers are available
  • 5. Rich collection of reference books for special study on different subjects
  • 6. Following important reference books are available in the library
    • Encyclopedia Britannica
    • Shrimath Bhagwat
    • Marathi Encyclopedia part 1 to 13
    • Social science – cyclopedia part 6
    • Tukaram Gatha
    • Worlds book
    • Mahabharat
    • Indian philosophy cyclopedia
    • Cultural cyclopedia 10 parts
    • Ramayan
    • Dnyaneshwari
    • Science – Cyclopedia
    • Our Earth our wealth
  • 7. Books on sports and general knowledge
  • 8. Books on competitive exams and professional courses

Rules :

  • 1. College students will get only one book in a week from library.
  • 2. The students will not get books without identity or library card.
  • 3. The students have to follow the library rules while issuing the books.
  • 4. The students have to return their book before given date otherwise they have to pay Rs. One as a penalty per day.
  • 5. If students tear the pages of the book then they must pay the entire price of the book as a penalty.
  • 6. The students have to return the books after Annual Exam.
  • 7. The students are not allowed to enter into the Library without I–Card