B.C. Cell


The BC Cell is constituted in college to ensure proper implementation of various schemes of the State Government concerning scholarships, stipend etc. for welfare of reserved categories. The BC Cell in college has a special interest of reserved category students and to provide supports in areas where the students experience difficulties like admission.


• To ensure SC/ST/NT /OBC/ SBC are given admission as per rules of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune and Government of Maharashtra.
• To provide scholarships to backward class students in the college.
• To ensure that all students are treated equally and to address any issues raised.
• To ensure SC/ST/ NT/ OBC/ SBC are given equal importance in all aspects and do not get left behind in the learning process.
• To prevent any type of harassment against any groups.
• To infuse unity in diversity, among the students, teaching and non-teaching staff and to eliminate the perception of discrimination.
• To ensure there is no discrimination in terms of religion, race and caste.


• The BC Cell in college promotes the special interest of students in the reserved category and to provide special inputs in areas where the students experience difficult.
• The BC Cell insures the effective implementation of reservation policies and benefit provided by university i.e. admission, scholarship etc.
• To guide students for the benefit of Scholarships.
• To guide the SC, ST, NT, OBC, SBC, EWS and Minority students for the benefit Scholarships offered by Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Government of Maharashtra, Government of India.
• To provide inclusive environment through different activities.
• To facilitate hassle-free environment.


• The BC Cell to ensure reservation in terms of admission, scholarship is being provided appropriately for the SC/ ST/ NT/ OBC/ SBC students.
• The BC Cell to ensure help for scholarship for the SC/ ST/ NT/ OBC/ SBC students.
• The BC Cell to ensure there is no inequality in the college system.
• The BC Cell to guide all the weaker sections students and to ensure they avail all permissible scholarships and other financial assistance that is being offered to them.
• The BC Cell to help the weaker sections in getting their admission and scholarships without any hassle.
• The BC Cell to ensure no ragging, name calling amongst these groups.
• The BC Cell to help the students in terms of career counselling.
• The BC Cell should create awareness amongst all students about the available opportunities and the benefits from time to time.
• The BC Cell to ensure if any students require special attention or guidance by providing a needed support/ special class through a teacher.
• The BC Cell to ensure due respect to the SC/ST/ NT/ OBC/ SBC students and to prevent any discrimination being meted out to them.
• The BC Cell to provide guidance, counselling and support with respect to academic, financial and social matters.
• The BC Cell to create a healthy atmosphere among students from various social backgrounds and to infuse togetherness among them.
• The BC Cell to address any grievances or issues amongst the weaker section of students and provide solutions and resolve the issues through their Grievance Cell confidentially.
• The BC Cell responsible for celebrating important days/ festivals for students to show them solidarity.


Sr.No Name of Committee Member Post
1 Dr. N. B. Admuthe Chairman
2 Prof. V. S. Kumawat Member
3 Dr. S. S. Ughade Member
4 Prof. S. M. Memane Member
5 Mrs. R. D. Gengaje Member