Department Of Botany


  • To impart Basic and Recent knowledge of Plant Science.


  • Organization of student centric activities.

Program Outcomes (POs)

Program Objectives B.Sc Botany:

  • POs 1: Critical Thinking: The curriculum made for the betterment of the students, enhance the ability and thinking power.
  • POs 2: Effective Communication: The complete medium of program is in English so students will communicate in the same.
  • POs 3: Social Interaction: Due to continuous field visits in the interior regions students interact with the social activities for their study
  • POs 4: Effective Citizenship:Being the botanist students have to communicate with many people, they become more familier as well as interactive
  • POs 5: Ethics: The subject teach students about the ethical approach, not to cut the plants.
  • POs 6: Environment and Sustainability: conservation practices are studied for sustainable development
  • POs 7: Self-directed and Life-long Learning: each and every aspect of the module teaches life long learning

Program Objectives M.Sc Botany:

  • POs 1: Understand the scope and significance of the discipline
  • POs 2:Imbibe love and curiosity towards nature through the living plants.
  • POs 3:In order to make students open-minded and curious, we try our best to enhance and develop a scientific attitude.
  • POs 4: We make the students fit for the society by enabling them to work hard.
  • POs 5: Make the students exposed to the diverse life forms.
  • POs 6: Make them skilled in practical work, experiments, laboratory equipment and to interpret correctly on biological materials and data.
  • POs 7: Develop interest in Biological research.
  • POs 8: Encourage the students to do research in related disciplines.
  • POs 9: Develop a thirst to preserve the natural resources and environment.
  • POs 10: Develop the ability for the application of acquired knowledge in various fields of life so as to make our country self-sufficient
  • POs 11: Appreciate and apply ethical principles to biological science research and studies

Program Objectives Ph.D Botany:

  • POs 1:Providing an excellent and high class post graduate education with innovative and front line research as par the national and international standards and adding realvalues to the social, environmental, and corporate sectors development

Program Specific Objectives B.Sc Botany (PSOs).

  • PSOs 1: To provide thorough knowledge about various plant groups from primitive to highly evolved.
  • PSOs 2: To make the students aware of applications of different plants in various industries.
  • PSOs 3: To highlight the potential of these studies to become an enterpruner - a. To equippe the students with skills related to laboratory as well as field based studies b. To make the students aware about conservation and sustainable use of plants c. To create foundation for further studies in Botany d. To address the socio-economical challenges related to plant sciences e. To facilitate students for taking up and shaping a successful career in Botany

Program Specific Objectives M.Sc Botany:

  • PSOs 1: Plant science is now an amalgamation of basic and applied science. Plants besides being the unique capability of plants to trap solar energy and provide food to all cannot be replicated by any system. Conventional studies like plant identification are now being supplemented with molecular techniques like DNA Barcoding. The courses have been designed to benefit all Botany students to study various aspects of plant science including its practical applications. Keeping in mind that these students can take up teaching at different levels, research work in research institutes and or industry, doctoral work, environment impact assessment, biodiversity studies, entrepreneurship, scientific writing relevant topics have been included in the curriculum.
  • PSOs 2:: Understanding the classification of plants from cryptogams to Spermatophyte. Identification of the flora within field enhances basics of plants. Study of biodiversity in relation to habitat will correlates with climate change, land and forest degradation. Application of Botany in agriculture is through study of plant pathology.
  • PSOs 3:: Understand the ultra structure and function of cell membranes, cell communications, signaling, genetics, anatomy, taxonomy, ecology and plant Physiology and biochemistry. To understand the multi functionality of plant cells in production of fine chemicals and their wide spread industrial applications.
  • PSOs 4:Molecular and Physiological adaptations in plants in response to biotic and abiotic stress. Genes responsible for stress tolerance genetic engineering of plants.

Program Specific Objectives Ph.D. Botany:

  • PSOs 1:It implies exercising imagination and constantly seeking out originality. It comes from developing a sense of curiosity and courage to questions the status-quo.
  • PSOs 2:It aims at exploring and following methods of doing things is a different way for betterment and improvement in solutions to problems. It involves questioning pre-conceived ideas, discovering and / or making something not already there.
  • PSOs 3:Indeed, it is a divine attribute; but human beings are also gifted to be creative.
Botany Department

Prof. Dr. Bolbhat S.N.

  • Designation : Asso. Prof. (HOD)

  • Qualification : M.Sc. , B.Ed. , Ph.D.

  • Experience :25 Years

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9960275860

Prof. Mr. Kumawat V.S.

  • Designation : Asso. Prof.

  • Qualification : M.Sc.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.(pursuing)

  • Experience :27 years

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9890337798

Dr. Mr. N. B. Admuthe

  • Designation : Assi. Prof.

  • Qualification : M. Sc., B. Ed., M. Phil., Ph. D.

  • Experience :15

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9423909080

Mr. A. K. Bhor

  • Designation : Assi. Prof.

  • Qualification : M.Sc. JRF NET, SET

  • Experience :3 yrs

  • Email :

  • Mobile No :

Mr. Naik Pralhad Dnyaneshwar

  • Designation : Assi. Prof.

  • Qualification :

  • Experience :08

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9890735078

Name Of Department Botany
Year Of Establishment June 1992
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Number of Books in Department Library Text Book:6 Reference Book:12
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Admission Criteria For - Botany
  • 12th Science Pass

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# Course Code Class Intake Capacity Eligibility Admitted Student
1 BO111 (First sem)BO112 (Second sem),Practical Paper III BO 113 F.Y.B.Sc 120 A student who has passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Science stream with Biology or its equivalent examination as per the University of Pune eligibility norms. 131
2 BO 211 and BO 212: Semester BO 221 and BO 222: Semester S.Y.B.Sc 120 First Year of B. Sc. with Botany as one of the subjects. Other sudents if they fulfill the conditions approved by the equivalence committee of Faculty of Science of the University of Pune are also eligible. 51
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1 2019-2020 -
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