Ragging Prevention Committee

Ragging Prevention committee

According to the decision of Supreme Court dated 11/02/2009 and University P.R No. 170 reference No. SW/ 1429/09 dated 21/05/2009 and incidents of ragging in the hostels committed by any students should be strictly punished. If found guilty after inquiry related to ragging, his admission will be cancelled and he will be rusticated form the college. Those students who suffer form ragging incidents in the hostel or college premises must contact the Ragging Prevention Committee urgently and complain to the Vice Principal in writing.

Sr.No Name Of Committee Member Post
1 Hon. Prin. Dr. K. G. Kanade Chairman
2 Prof. J. E. Yewale Secretory
3 Prof. T. Y. Randive Member
4 Prof. Dr. R. S. Pawar Member
5 Prof. S. B. varule Rector
6 Mr. Sarpanch, Manchar Grampanchayat Sarpanch
7 Police Inspector, Manchar Member
8 Mr. D. K. Walse Sr. Journalist, Manchar
9 Shashwat, Manchar N.G.O (Shashwat, Manchar)
10 Mr. M. D. Londhe Member