• To develop the department as a center for studies in material science and technology


  • To pursue academic excellence through technology for the overall development of the students to meet the global requirements.

Program Outcomes (POs)

At the end of the Program, students will be able to:

  • POs 1: Ability to understand the concepts of key areas in computer science.
  • POs 2: Learn and apply computing and managerial principles to excel in professional career in the field of Computer Applications as an individual, as part of a team, and to deliver within constraint limits as a professional.
  • POs 3: Exhibit professional ethics, cyber regulations and communication skills, engage in lifelong learning and to adapt emerging technologies and tools for developing innovative software solutions.
  • POs 4: Ability to design and develop system, component or process as well as test and maintain it so as to provide promising solutions to industry and society.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs).

  • PSOs 1: Students should be able to apply modern practices and strategies in software project development using open-ended programming environments to deliver quality product for business success in context with societal needs.
  • PSOs 2: An ability to gain knowledge on design and control strategy; techniques to secure information and adapt to the fast changing world of information technology needs.
  • PSOs 3: Design and develop Web and Mobile based computer applications
  • PSOs 4: An ability to use and develop cloud software, administrative features. infrastructure services and architectural patterns; ethical hacking and forensic security technologies.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEOs 1: Outperform in Information Technology across various specializations like cloud technologies.
  • PEOs 2: Gain exposure in preventive, ethical hacking and forensic security technologies.
  • PEOs 3: Develop skills to demonstrate functional knowledge of data centers and modern storage methods.
BBA(CA) Department

Prof. Mr. Chaskar R.R.

  • Designation : Assi. Prof. (HOD)

  • Qualification : M.Sc (Computer science)

  • Experience :4 years

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 7757818122

Mrs. D.M.Bhagat

  • Designation : Asso. Prof.

  • Qualification : MCA

  • Experience :4 year

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 9860902012

Miss. Thorat .T. M

  • Designation : Assi. Prof.

  • Qualification : MBA

  • Experience :1 Year

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 7249126021

Prof. Mrs. M.R.Thete

  • Designation : Assi. Prof.

  • Qualification : BE Computer

  • Experience :2 Months

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Mobile No : 7972541250

# Course
# Academic Year Name of Course Syllabus
1 2019-20 Communication Skills Download Or View
Co-curricular Activities :
  • Blind Programming
  • Quiz Competition
  • Poster Competition
  • Seminar Competition
  • PPT Competition
  • Group Discussion
  • Participation Add-On-Course and Science Competition
  • Participating in Intercollegiate competition
  • Workshop
Extra-Curricular Activities:
  • Rangloi Competition (e-rangloi)
  • Sport Competition (volley ball)
  • Cooking Competition
  • Participation in Cultural Event
  • Participation in N.S.S. Activities-
# Academic Year Research Paper / Project Report
1 2020-21 Total No. of Research Papers Published (2019-2020) - 04 (Download Or View)
# Academic Year Webinar / Workshop / Seminar Report
1 2020-21 Webinar: Expert Lecture Series (Download Or View)
Facilities & Availabilities
  • 2- AC-Computer Labs (33 Computer) with 7 hours’ backups
  • Wi-Fi Facility
  • ICT enabled Classroom
  • Smart Classroom
  • Scholarship (SC and ST).
  • Experienced Faculty for each specialization.
  • Placement Assistance.
  • Skilled based Courses
  • MoU with institutions